The Woodbridge Township Ambulance and Rescue Squad, Inc. have been serving the community since 1937. The Rescue Squad is made up of the Woodbridge Emergency Squad, Iselin First Aid Squad and Hope lawn First Aid Squad. The Rescue Squad is proud of its volunteering staffing, modern equipment and progressive emergency service operations. We have attained this status using primarily volunteer personnel supplemented with paid EMT positions. We hope you will make the commitment needed to come part of this team and as such, part of the tradition of excellence.

Membership Application Procedure:

Read the entire information packet. Fill out all portions of the application Return the application in person during the day Monday thru Friday or you may place your application in an envelope and place inside our mailbox outside. Please call 732-634-9408 ext. 310 if you have any questions.

Also include with your application the following:

  1. Copy of birth certificate, passport, alien residence certificate and driver’s license.
  2. Copy of High School diploma, GED or other proof of high school graduation equivalency. Youth
    member applicants are required to provide name of high school, current grade and name of
    guidance counselor.
  3. Copy of DD Form 214 (Separation Document) if you have served at any time in the armed forces.
  4. The Rescue Squad’s Code of Conduct is included in this packet. Sign and return one copy with the
    application and keep the other.
  5. Original training certificates for Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), CPR, First Aid, Defensive
    Driving or any other related training certificate must be given with this packet.

The Rescue Squad will contact references provided by the applicant and will contact the applicant with a date and time for an interview upon receipt of the completed application. The Rescue Squad would like to thank you for interest in the Rescue Squad and your community. If you have any question please contact Administrative Assistant Nicole Tucka at 732-634-9408 ext. 310.